who we are

At Being Church, we’re exploring the crossroads of Christianity’s historical roots and our modern life: following the timeless teachings, learning to love with action- not just words, and adopting the mindset that church is not a place, but a people, and those people are us… In that exploration we’ve put our experiences and perceptions of “church” behind us and began to look at the examples and teachings of the church from the beginning as described in the Bible.

The result? A church that looks different; one that changes the paradigm of what most people expect when they hear the word, “church”. We are a work in progress, but we are seeking to BE church by living in loving, Christ-centered relationships AS church.

We gather to worship Jesus in a network of household environments where each person is free to ask questions, share Biblical insights and be transparent, so we can go out inspired to love and serve our neighbors in practical ways that declare the truth of the Gospel of Christ. Our goal is to glorify God by living and loving in such extraordinary ways that a world seeking answers will find them in the Jesus they see in us. Jesus is dramatically altering our lives and we invite you to come check out how Jesus could miraculously, radically change YOUR life, too.


where we worship

We meet in houses throughout communities in Central Florida and East Tennessee for worship on Sunday mornings, Bible study on Wednesday nights and for other experiences throughout the month. On the third Sunday of every month, all of our house churches in each area join for Being Church Together. Contact us for address information!

Central Florida

Tri-Cities, Tennessee


what we believe

Download our statement of faith and membership covenant by clicking the icon below.